In Loving Memory

A collection of artworks based around dried flower compositions produced by my late grandmother in the 1970s. I inherited all the original pieces when she passed away and thought it would be a nice tribute to her to bring them back to life.
The process was quite time consuming and I started by getting each piece photographed by my Brother. Once they had been photographed I got to work on ‘Floral I’ digitally rebuilding and repairing any damage and removing the back ground. I then enhanced each flower individually to make them almost skeletal, this was to enable me to fill them with colour once I’d screen printed the final image. After all the enhancement I then painted the shadows back into the image, the whole process was quite a painstaking affair and literally took weeks.
Once the image had been lovingly restored I created a halftoned image which was applied to a large silkscreen. I then set about screen printing using water based inks onto heavy art paper which in itself was quite a task at this size 1190 x 840mm. Once I’d printed the final Image I traced the flowers and hand cut my stencils before spray painting with an airbrush and ink, when completed I then hand painted the pollen on the poppy.
I produce 5 Editions of each individually painted making each unique and original.

Floral 1 close Floral 1 close c Floral 1 close b  Floral 1 photo-process Floral 1 framed orig LR copy IMG_0059 IMG_0058